i see, therefore i am!

Artist’s Statement ___________________________________  (from early 2011)

I think of my work as fiber collages or 2D constructions for the wall.  For the last ten years or so my usual way of working has been to draw on black fabric with wax, then bleach the cloth to shades of gray.  Next I would fill in the images with color and line using embroidery floss and sometimes sequins and beads.  Lately I have begun to incorporate parts that have been digitally printed on fabric, but I feel that the mechanically produced image requires hand stitching to bring it to life.  To me the contrast between the precision of the machine and the organic nature of  hand work is essential.

It is my belief that art has to reflect the crazy world in which we live, the people around us, and common life experiences.  In general my work has been motivated by my musings on life and contemporary issues such as the war in Iraq, Hurricane Katrina,  and women’s roles in society today. In addition my art is influenced by dreams and my interest in symbols, codes, and alphabets.


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