more 2014 work

I belong to Fiberforum, a group of northwest Ohio fiber artists. We each

randomly chose 3 letters (a-z) or numbers (0-9) and interpreted them in a variety of ways.

AlphaNumeric by Fiberforum

AlphaNumeric by Fiberforum

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Mine are the letters E and P and the number 3.

ear 577

“Ear” – India ink, stitching on cotton and batting;  7″ x 7″

. . .



“Piano” – based on a Fazioli Grand; printed by Spoonflower on silky faile, hand-stitched;  7″x 7″

. . .

cyano 577 2.0

“The Three Cyanobacteria of Lake Erie” – textile paint, French knot embroidery, reverse appliqué; 7″ x 7″

I wanted the number 3 to carry some significance and not be simply an abstract design. On August 2, 2014 the city of Toledo, Ohio detected high levels of microcystin in its water supply due to large algae blooms in Lake Erie and a Do Not Drink or Boil water advisory was issued. Cyanobacteria, commonly called blue-green algae because of their color, carry harmful toxins. There are three dominant forms of cyanobacteria in our corner of the Great Lakes: Microcystis, Aphanizomenon, and Anabaena.